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What Are The Benefits For The Seller?
Here are some the benefits of utilizing a lease purchase:

Get your asking price! Since you're allowing the tenant/buyer to lease purchase the home, you get your price.

Fill the house quickly. With the massive database of tenant/buyers we have access to, we can normally assign the option within 45-  60 days.

No commission fees! There are no fees to the seller and no agents. You pay nothing to us!

Less maintenance! Most maintenance is up to the tenant/buyer and it is highly recommended that they purchase the Home        Warranty.

Tax benefits! You will receive benefits such as depreciation etc.

Largest market of tenant/buyers! With thousands of visitors per month looking for a lease purchase, there is a massive database of people that are very close to being ready to finance that need a lease purchase to finish meeting the lender’s guidelines.

Better quality tenants! These aren't renters, these are tenant/buyers. They fully intend on exercising the option as soon as they can qualify.

The tenant/buyer takes wonderful care of the property! Since they are buying the property, they take care of it and keep it well maintained. Plus, it is always recommended to them to purchase the Home Warranty to eliminate the repair worry and ensure necessary repairs are done.

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